Who am I 👨‍💻

Friendly neighborhood developer.

I started programming in high school with Lua (Modder here) learned C++ at collage nowadays I’m mainly a JavaScript developer and I love coding with JavaScript.

I am mostly working with with Vue.js and React - Node.js in general these days. I also have good experience with C++ and Python for Machine Learning sugar. I sometimes play with weird languages such as HolyC, brainf*ck or underrated ones like nim or elixir.

Besides my coding skills I have a really good relationship with Databases, CI/CD, Docker and anything you can think of Unix. In fact this website is fully automated with DroneCI, it’s awesome and open source (Apache 2.0) you should check it out.

When I have some free time I usually love entertaining myself at home. I play video games (no sh*t), sometimes cover the musics I like and watch Netflix of course.

I am currently working as Full Stack Developer at Jotform.

What is in here?

My logs about random tech stuff 👨‍💻

Hello! 🖖 I am Berkcan. Full Stack Developer & Linux Enthusiast. I have a passion for discovering and tinkering with bleeding-edge tech.